Dracolich Campaign

Session 1
Approaching Winterhaven and Searching for Douven Staul

The adventure begins as The Downies journey to winterhaven in search of their friend and mentor Douven Staul. He had travelled north to explore rumours of an ancient dragon tomb, but after there had been no word from him for over a month, his wife contacted his old friends and begged that they search him out.

As they approach the town, they are ambushed by a small but vicious group of kobolds, who they successful fend off and defeat. Once in town, they find that these kobold raids are becoming more and more common – esp on the main road, and the towns mayor – Lord Padraige asks them to search out and destroy these reptilian raiders. However The Downies’s primary mission is to find douven, and hence they set off to find the dragon burial site the next morning.

Not far from town, they are set apon by another raiding party of kobolds, this time lead by a wrympriest and seasoned warriors, but The Downies once again prevail. While concerned that they seem to be the target of kobold attacks, the party presses on and eventually finds the dragon tomb.

On arrival, they interrupt the work of a motley bunch of humanoids led by a devious gnome named Agrid. When the party approached, Agrid feigned friendliness and eagerness to share his discovery, but seemed jumpy and agitated when Douven Staul was mentioned. After it became clear that the party didn’t trust him, he ordered his guard drakes and the other bandits to attack. Agrid’s forces nearly overwhelmed the party – especially the vicious guard drakes – but somehow they managed to defeat the enemies after a brutal battle. When they searched the area around the excavation, they found their friend douven chained and gagged in the corner of the pit. After his ordeal, douven swore to give up adventuring and in thanks for his rescue, also gifted the party with his magical amulet. The also discovered a small wooden crate containing an ancient mirror, which the bandits had just uncovered from the tomb.

After searching the tomb for any further treasure they escorted douven back to town. However not far from the burial site the downies were set upon by a kobold strike team, this time including a giant stormclaw scorpion. Using their experience with kobold ambushes, they easily overcame the strike team and were then able to returned to Winterhaven.


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