female elf hunter with quiet and cold demeanor


Nirian makes her living as a hunter and trapper in the areas surrounding Winterhaven. She is often seen in the tavern drinking, but is something of a loner and usually keeps to herself.


Nirian was first encounter in the tavern, and this meeting almost resulted in blood being split when the drow refused to leave the elf to drink in peace. After this, Nirian avoided Zoltan and her advances, but was indiffernt to the remainder of the party.

Her appearance at Cassan’s Keep caused suspiscion, as did her tales of cultists attacking Winterhaven, which soon proved warrented as she tried to lead the party into a graveyard ambush. After her capture, she has been revealed to be cultist of orcus and spy for Kalarel in Winterhaven.


Dracolich Campaign NPC