Nedge Snow



Nedge Snow is a halfling suffering from a disease known in latin as iwasinarush whenimadehim. He is an inspiring warlord who has a higher intelligence than charisma. He likes to encourage other people to hit things and heals a lot despite their now being a cleric in the party.

Wids always forgets to add my initative bonus to the party and shield bonus to my reflex and didn’t let him have his second level feat until 4th level. What a jerk.

Also I don’t like him or any of the lame classes in PHB I cannot wait until PHB2 drops Nedge will commit seppeku and I can play something cool.


Nedge was a local celebrity in his village as the master of pranks. His games included ‘Big Stranger Rodeo’, ‘Urban Sprinting’ and ‘My Ball’. These could only occupy him for a few years though, and eventually he left the lifestyle of stuffing around to adventure, mostly because he couldn’t think of anything better to do.

He met a dragonborn on the way who he got a long with quite a great deal. Suddenly the clouds swelled and the dragonborn and halfing were clutched by the hands of a god, known as Dee’Emm. They were commanded to travel with a drow rogue despite the fact that:
1) There was no reason to add another member to our party
2) There is no reason to trust a drow.
3) They constantly kill evil creatures walking down roads without asking questions. Yet suddenly we would be adding a drow.
4) They will be treated badly by villagers because we have a drow in the party.
5) This drow is particularly annoying and will constantly do stupid things that will make your life difficult.

So a drow called Zoltan was added to the party.

Nedge Snow

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