Dragonborn Ranger of the Eagle Clan.


S:15 C:14 D:18 I:10 W:14 C:10


The Eagle Clan were a group of elite scouts, rangers and skirmishers in the Dragonborn armies of Arkhosia. Flying into battle mounted on powerful Griffons they would rain down death from the skies with their Tratnyrs and Lightning breath. While the empire they served is long since lost and the herds of Griffon mounts no longer respond to their call, the Eagle clan and its traditions has lived on.

During his youth Tiliqua was raised on stories of the great empire and the strength of the Eagle Clan and was schooled in its ways, but living in a small, remote community protecting their flocks from wolves he could see no truth to them. So against the wishes of the Clan elders he left to seek his Draconic heritage. He wondered though into a world that remembered nothing of Arkhosia as anything other then a fairy story, its greatness lost in time, its ruins pillaged by those who came after it and it seemed nothing remained to be found. Not wanting to return to the flocks he continues to wonder the world, bitter and disheartened, putting his ancient skills to work for anyone who will pay, always hoping yet to find some sign of his peoples lost greatness.


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