Dracolich Campaign

Session 8

Into the Darkness

Having informed Voltron that they had left Nirian half buried in the graveyard the Downies headed back to the Keep. The first level of the ruins cleared they moved to the top of the stairs to the lower levels of the Keep. Met with impenetrable darkness below they sent the Drow, with her remarkable darkvision hones from years in the underdark, to scout ahead. At the base of the stairs she discovered a room full of Zombies and having checked around a small distance more and finding nothing she returned to get the rest of the party. Thanks to the divine powers of Aguirre they quickly and painlessly dispatched the lowly brain eaters and continued further into the darkness. Scouting around They found a series of passages marked by collections of rune carvings which they were unable to decipher. However when the eternal truth that elf clerics can’t jump was once again proved true followed by an equal failure from the Drow, they quickly discovered the purpose of these runes – setting off a howling banshee trap that sent the elves running in terror from the scary scary floor. This left Tiliqua alone to stand bravely and face the onslaught of a second wave of Zombies. When his companions realised that they really weren’t brave Sir Robin of Browntrousers though they quickly rejoined the fight and again the mindless undead were almost effortlessly dispatched.

As they continued deeper into darkness the ranger’s sharp eyes spotted an anomaly in the stone work of the wall, realising at once that it was a secret door Tiliqua pointed it out to the Drow who deftly opened it. Beyond was a tiny bare room, but from the far wall came a faint and all too familiar shuffling sound. Realising that all was not as it appeared the Downies plunged through the illusion of the wall finding themselves in a hidden armoury filled, thanks to the powers of Narrativium (otherwise known as the maligned influence of the corrupt rift to the shadowfell), with another pack of Zombies. In an almost comical display however the Zombie almost completely failed to remember their fundamental role in the universe, to eat brains, and managed to only make a single opportunity attack between them before being ruthlessly torn apart by the Downies’ ferocious assault. Not seeing the need to answer simple and quite irrelevant riddles at this point the party pillaged the bejesus out of the hidden treasures, finding a fuck load of cool shit, before continuing on.

Finding another stair deeper into the earth they opted to turn around and ensure not to leave any monsters behind to cut off a possible retreat. They came upon a a strangely Christian church (all I’m saying is why would the church be built in the shape of a crucifix?) to the Dragon god Bahamut, its walls lined with sarcophagi from which emanated faint scratching sounds. Knowing exactly what was bound to happen, the party progressed into the chapel and completely failed to be surprised by the sudden appearance of of packs of skeletons. Again, thanks to Aguirre’s Divine might, the undead were efficiently clean up and they moved on into the tomb at the rear of the chapel. Here a skeletal figure dressed in plate mail, that for some reason that was completely not metagaming the party decided not to destroy on sight, told them that he was Sir Keegan who had been charged with protecting the rift under Sunnydale Keep, but had instead been driven mad by it and wound up killing everyone and so he lingered tormented by his failure. After proving their honorable intent to him the Downies were given his magic longsword to aid them in cleansing the vileness from the place. On Sir Keegan’s advice, they searched the alters to Bahamut and found More Dragon Statuesbefore they then continued back to the stairs deeper into the ruins…


Session 8

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