Dracolich Campaign

Session 7

Attacking the Goblin Lair & an undead ambush

Facing a horde of goblin cutters and skirmishers, the Downies formed a defensive wall with the elf, and dwarf dealing with the frontline and the ranger and rogue sniping from the rear. Once again the goblins were no match for the might of Lord Salisbury’s hammer and, bolstered by the healing power of Aguirre, the Downies quickly decimated the goblin forces. Fearing the goblin leader would realise the battle was lost and withdraw to regroup his forces, Zoltan unleashed a vicious barrage of daggers against Bagron, weakening and hobbling him. The Dwarf then charged towards the goblin leader, smashing the remaining bodyguards away with a blow from his shield, and mortally wounding Bagron with a crushing blow from his hammer. With their leader dead, the resolve of the remaining goblins was broken and they were easily defeated even as they tried to flee.

One warrior was taken prisoner and taken to the torture chamber for interrogation. While the drow took pleasure in tying the captive up on the rack, the others quickly searched the goblin lair finding some treasure as well as a goblin prisoner named Splugg who was locked in the cells. By interrogating surrendered goblin and Splugg in turn, the Downies found that balgron answered to a tribe of hobgoblins who controlled the remainder of the Keep. The goblin warrior was killed once he had outlived his usefulness and, despite his offers to act as the party’s servant and guide, Splugg was left to rot in his cell.

The Downies then set up camp in the entrance hallway so ensure no one could escape the Keep without their notice, but were awoken shortly after when the dwarf , acting as sentry, spotted Nirian, the elf hunter, entering the keep. Nirian explained that she had been sent by the town guard to request the party’s help – apparently the town had been attacked by cultists in their absence. Despite their suspicions about the elf hunter, the peril of the town could not be ignored and they reluctantly followed her back to town. Nirian convinced them to they need to approach from the rear to avoid the cultists attacking the city, but as they passed the cemetery she bolted inside and the Downies were forced to give chase. Foul necromantic rituals had awoken the dead, and under Nirian’s command they rose and attacked the party when it entered the cemetery gates. While the rest of the party battled against a pair of gravehounds, Aguirre fearlessly charged off to confront his kin, only to find himself surrounded by skeletal warriors. The Cleric of Kord proved his strength in battle as he single-handedly took on the horde of undead and their elven leader, and by the time the rest of the party join him the battle was all but over. A swift strike with the shaft of the glaive knocked the hunter out, and she was quickly tied up and the necrotic circle which powered the undead was disabled.

Searching Nirian’s possessions, they found a note from Kalarel ordering their deaths and giving details on awaken the undead using foul rituals. The Downies then roused the elf and attempted to interrogate her about kalarel’s plans, however her faith in, or perhaps fear of, orcus strengthened her resolve and she would offer no information other than that orucus’s will would soon be done. Aguirre, tiring of her assertion that she had no fear in death, threw Nirian into a coffin so she could sweat on the concept of death until the town guard came to arrest her.



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