Dracolich Campaign

Session 6

Exploring Cassan's Keep

After finishing off the goblin guards, the party took a quick rest before heading down the passageway the goblins had been fleeing to. Entering a room that looked more like an excavation site, they were confronted by several goblins digging for treasure accompanied by dangerous guard drakes. The wooden walkways proved to be more than a match for both the Downies and the goblins, and quickly the battle became a brutal melee. Taking dubious tactical advice from the elf, Zoltan tried to dash past a guard drake to deliver a telling blow, but was brutally savaged by the drake and its crossbow wielding allies. Revived by powerful healing magic, the drow lashed out at the drake blinded by the desire for revenge, only to be beaten into unconsciousness once again. While the drow drifted in and out of consciousness with the help of healing magic and goblin crossbow bolts, the rest of the party easily mopped up the remaining enemies.

Finding this room to be a dead end, the Downies then returned to the entrance hall and tried the opposite corridor. When the passageway opened up into a small room, Goblin voices could clearly be heard coming from the far door. When one of the party stumbled while sneaking up to the door, the goblins conversation turned to “Splugg” and how they weren’t ready to stop torturing him yet. With the element of surprise gone, the Downies burst into the room to be confronted with a ghastly torture chamber run by a masked hobgoblin. Focusing all their firepower on one enemy at a time had a devastating effect on the enemy forces, especially the torturer how was bizarrely only armed with a red hot poker. However this also allowed a goblin sharpshooter to cut and run when the battle seemed lost. The drow, still battered from the previous encounter, was lying in wait and managed to mortally wound the goblin, but not before it had raised the alarm for the rest of the lair…



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