Dracolich Campaign

Session 5

Discovery of Sunny Dale Keep

Having smashed the remnants of the Kobold threat the Downies headed back to Winterhaven to get their just rewards and, having had the still oozing head of Irontooth dumped on his desk by Tiliqua, the major was only to happy to pay the party as promised. When asked about the Keep that the Goblin reinforcement had babbled about under inept interrogation he would only say that there had been rumours of Goblin activity for some time but due to a lack of resources the town had been unable to do anything about them. Aguirre immediately offered to clean this threat to the town from the world and Tiliqua was quick to second this idea, only he also attached a precondition of being well paid for his services. When the the major pleaded poverty, insisting that the town couldn’t afford to endlessly employ mercenaries to save it from the activities of monsters near by, Tiliqua began to mutter that perhaps the town would rather be food for the undead servants of Orcus. Aguirre quickly interrupted him though dragging him, and the rest of the party, from the room.

The Downies then headed to (Voltron) the Sage’s tower. Voltron greeted the downies with news that his research had uncovered the real reason why Cassan’s Keep had been built – to defend the area against a rift connecting this worked to the shadowfell. This rift apparently connects to an unholy sanctuary dedicated to Orcus, and if reopened a tide of undead would flood the area. The Downies then confirmed his fears, telling him of kalarel’s plans to open the rift. Voltron then pleaded with the Downies to investigate this threat, offering assistance in the form of gold and healing poitions.

After a nights rest the Downies made their way to the Keep. The surrounding area was almost plastered with evidence of Goblins and when Tiliqua crept into the entrance to investigate he found a single goblin guard watching the hallway. Knowing Zoltan he thought he would probably get in trouble for not giving her a crack at him first up, especially since he had already been flashing his tits at Nedgeas they approached the Keep. Surprisingly though she actually aided Tiliqua in his surprise attacks on the guard, rather then offering him a blow job, but then chose to charge into the room and promptly fell into a pit trap. Tiliqua then showed the rest of the party his impression of a pincushion, as the roused goblin guards only had one visible target. Zoltan eventually managed to drag herself from the pit, but was closely followed by a swarm of rats, which proved the most serious threat to the dwarf since he joined the party. With the tide of battle turning against them, the goblin guards began to flee, but quick thinking from the drow managed to immobilize one with a kobold glue pot, and the elf’s glaive made easy work of the remaining goblin.



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