Dracolich Campaign

Session 4

Freeing captives and smashing kobolds

After defeating the goblin war party, the ranger rigorously interrogated the captive goblin about Irontooth and the kobolds. Unfortunately, as a low ranked soldier, he had little information to give about the kobold menace other than that he was sent by Bagron from the Keep to bolster Irontooth’s defences. Neglecting to ask any questions the goblin actually knew anything about (ie the Keep or Bagron), Tiliqua became frustrated with the captive pleading his lack of knowledge and promptly ran him through.

Nedge and Tiliqua then pushed on towards the kobold caves, but before long heard a returning kobold slave party and decided to lay an ambush for them. Led by a dark creeper with a pet guard drake and holding an elf and a dwarf hostage, these kobolds were caught with their guard down by the attack so close to their lair. After a brutal battle, The Downies, supported by the recently freed hostages, managed to slay the dark creeper and his lackeys. The elf, Aguirre, and the dwarf, Reginald, introduced themselves as survivors of a adventuring party that was surprised under the cover of night and were quick to offer their support in the assault on Irontooth’s lair.

Once again The Downies decided to attack through the trees instead of following the heavily guarded river up from the south. However this time the kobold guards were on high alert and were ready for the attack and they quickly swarmed in to attack. The Dwarf was quickly surrounded, but his heavy armour stopped most of the blows and his dangerous hammer took out many a foe. Thirsty for vengeance, Irontooth charged into the fray brutally swinging out with his battle axe, while the wyrmpriest threw vicious orbs of fire into the melee. However after eliminating his kobold allies, the tactical nous of Nedge Snow and the dwarf’s skill with his craghammer made short work of Irontooth. With their leader dead, the remaining kobolds were inspired to fight to the death by the wyrmpriest with the yell of “Fight on, For Kalarel and Lord Orcus!”

After the battle, the downies searched Irontooth and his allies and found that the goblin had a large tattoo of a skeletal rams head on his arm and a pouch containing a small silver key and a message scroll from Kalarel. This key opened a small wooden treasure chest in Irontooth’s quarters which contained several bags of gold (420gp total) and a set of fine dwarven chain mail.

Where the drow was for all this, no one is quite sure. She was last sighted just after the battle with the goblins and it was just assumed that she had gone ahead to scout and never came back. Realistically, she was probably busy trying to seduce an underage goblin/kobold/anything and everything ran significantly smoother in her absence anyway.



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