Dracolich Campaign

Session 3

Kobold Lair - Part 2 and Winterhaven

After early success during the attack on the kobold lair, the fight began turning against the party with the combined weight of numbers, the brutality of the goblin leader, Irontooth and the fiery attacks from the wrympriest taking their toll. While they decimated the kobold forces, the party were unable to harm the mighty goblin leader and were forced to make a tactical retreat. At one stage both the halfling and ranger had been knocked unconscious, but through a mixture of luck and judicious use of healing they managed to escape, though bloodied and battered.

They intended to only rest briefly before striking again at the enemy base while it was still weakened from their first assault, however the return of a kobold scouting party quickly removed that thought from their minds. They easily managed to outpaced the pursuing kobolds and managed to make it safely back to town to rest up before and reassess.

In town they found out that the totally campaign specific ancient mirror was a relic of nerath wizards from the last empire and that the dragon statue that they ‘retrieved’ from a kobold wyrmpriest has an etching of Orcus’s symbol on it. They also negotiated a deal with the Lord Padraige to return to the kobold lair to try to wipe them out and if possible uncover why these kobolds have united under Irontooth the goblin.

In the morning they were awoken with reports that a war party of 6-7 goblins was heading from the north towards the kobold encampment at great speed. Using the fitness of the halfling, the stealth of the drow and the knowledge of the land possessed by the ranger they managed to overtake the goblins and lay an ambush for them. Using the element of surprise they decimated the goblins, and even managed to cow on of the warriors into surrender.



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