Dracolich Campaign

Session 2

Attacking the kobold lair

Following the mayor’s directions to the general vicinity of the kobold lair, the Downies easily followed the many tracks to a clearing below a cliffside waterfall. While this glade look innocent from afar, the faint drone of draconic voices could be heard over the din of the waterfall and the rogue snuck up closer to investigate. No less than 12 kobold warriors stood guard at various ends of the clearing – though many of them looked to be hardly more than younglings with spears. Unfortunately in her excitement to return to the party to give her appraisal, Zoltan stepped on a tree branch, giving away her position. The party then employed plan alpha to great success, and though originally surrounded by greater numbers quite quickly gained control of the battlefield. The kobolds, realising the tide of the battle was turning against them, each tried to break from combat to warn the main encampment, but quick thinking and brutal accuracy mopped up the remaining guards before they could raise the alarm.

After a short rest to regroup, the party then followed the kobold tracks to a the entrance to the lair hidden behind the waterfall. While the foray into the cave initially made progress, the sound of battle drew heavy reinforcements and the party was soon pushed back into the entrance to the cavern. Many of the first wave of kobold soldiers had perished, but they were replaced by more seasoned warriors, a wrympriest flinging orbs of fire and a huge goblin warrior viciously wielding a battleaxe. With both the Nedge and Tiliqua bloodied and surrounded, will they be able to swing the battle once more to their favour?



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