Dracolich Campaign

Session 10

Not-the-Warchief and Suspicious Statue-traps

The Downies continued to move through the hobgoblin infested complex, this time with Tiliqua scouting ahead. Unfortunately the ranger, intently focussed on moving silently up the corridor, tripped a portcullis whose clanging descent ruined any possible element of surprise. Once the Downies managed to lift and disable this obstacle, they moved into a large chamber dominated by a massive oaken table scarred with burns and dagger cuts. Several parchments were skewered into the table with wicked looking daggers, but before the Downies had a chance to investigate, two doors swung open and the room filled with hobgoblin warcrys. As the Warchief, an imposing hobgoblin soldier, roared demands to keep some alive to sell to the Bloodreavers as slaves, the hobgoblin warriors used the element of surprise to surrounded the party and quickly had them on the back foot. A blast of lighting breath from the dragonborn decimated the lesser fighters and slightly evened up the odds, but the more disciplined and bettered armoured soldiers were proving much tougher opponents. Determined to remove the warcaster from the fight, Aguirre threw everything at the hobgoblin wizard, but his single-minded focus was to be his downfall. A soldier took advantage of the elf’s slip in concentration and felled him with a brutal flail attack. The cleric was not out of the fight for long though, as Tiliqua was quickly fed the unconscious elf a potion of healing before finishing the job on the warcaster. The hobgoblins continued to fight bravely until the Warchief fell to the dwarf’s vicious hammer blows, but by then Aguirre and Tiliqua had all avenues of escape covered and the battle was quickly ended.

Upon searching the Warchief’s council room, the Downies found maps and battle plans detailing an attack on Winterhaven from a combined force of goblinoids and undead. Lord Salisbury also managed to find several bottles of quite valuable red wine – much to his joy – and a chest in the Warchief’s bedroom contained a fine black cloak covered in thin, red vein-like lines as well as a small cache of gold.

As they moved deeper into the complex away from the hobgoblins lair the corridors were no longer lit by regular torches, and soon they came upon a sizeable room with two sets of doors. Choosing to continue heading south through the large double doors, the light from their sunrod revealed a room looking vaguely like a memorial. A towering statue of a warrior in plate armour holding a massive sword dominated the centre of the room while on the eastern wall two crouching dragon statues seemed to watch over proceedings. The only exit from the room was a set of double doors situated in an alcove in the southern wall, which also contained 4 statues of small cherubic creatures holding water vases. Ever suspicious, Aguirre decided to skirt the edge of the room to reach the far doors. However as he reached the cherub statues and began to examine them, Tiliqua decided to move further into the room to cover the elf in case of trouble, and in doing so set off the first statue trap. The giant stone warrior sprung to life, sweeping his huge sword across the room and smashing the ranger to the ground. Lord Salisbury quickly dragged the tiliqua back out of harms way, and following the elf’s lead, they also took care to follow the edge of the room an avoid the stone titan’s reach. As Aguirre stepped into the middle of the cherub statues to reach the doors, another trap was activated, sealing the elf in as the alcove began to fill with churning water. Realising the cherubs need to be destroyed to free the elf, the Downies went to work, chipping away at the stone with weapons and spells. However this in turn set off the dragon statues, who fired off blasts of force whenever Tiliqua and Salisbury attacked the cherubs. Eventually they managed to free Aguirre from his whirlpool prison, but not before the dragon and titan statues managed to cause a significant amount of trouble for the Downies, and the Lord Salisbury in particular…



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